Who we are

The Common Ground Forum on Sustainable Upland Deer Management

The Common Ground Forum is a network of individuals from across Scotland’s upland deer management sector who have committed to work together to look at how a more collaborative approach to deer management, based on mutual respect and consensus building, can contribute to a vision of a greener, healthier and economically vibrant future.

The Common Ground Forum has evolved out of the Finding the Common Ground project which ran from May 2021 – July 2023, which made clear strides towards building the trust that will be needed to overcome the conflicts that have held the deer management sector back for years and even decades. With a strong sense that the resulting momentum needs to be grasped, the Forum will continue to build on the resulting strengthened and improved relationships as the sector deals with likely challenging issues in times of change ahead. 

Its work will build on progress already made, bringing people from different viewpoints together to work collaboratively on areas of common interest.

The work of the Forum has been brought about in light of:

  • Representatives of ADMG and Scottish Environment LINK coming together in a steering group with public bodies to look for a way forward to address conflict in the upland deer sector.
  • The need to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises in a way that supports a healthy and vibrant rural economy.
  • The Independent Deer Working Group’s report and its recommendations being taken forward by Scottish Government.
  • The work of Centre for Good Relations in mediation and resolution for the sector through the Finding the Common Ground process (contracted by the steering group).

    Individuals are welcome to join the Common Ground Forum if they have a connection with the upland deer management sector in Scotland and they are committed to work in the spirit of the Our Common Ground Accord, which demonstrates the shared principles and setting standards for respectful behaviour across the upland deer management sector.

To join the Common Ground Forum, contact info@thecommongroundforum.scot